frequently asked questions

you probably have some questions. we probably have some answers. 

how old do i have to be?


18 years or older.

we require a proper identification, like a license or state id. and no, your parents can't sign for you if you're under 18. 

does it hurt?


yes, but...

the pain factor varies from client to client. generally people say that yes, it does hurt, but the pain is tolerable and tends to lessen as the session goes on.

so what does getting a tattoo actually feel like?


a slight sting or sunburn?

we like to say that it feels a bit like having a pretty good sunburn, and someone is scratching at it.

can i drink or take painkillers before i come in?



nope. no way. no.

one of the main reasons is that alcohol and most painkillers thin the blood and make our job harder due to more bleeding.

but the real reason is that drunk people are annoying, unless you're drunk, too—and you want us to be sober to do our job. so save the booze for after you get your tattoo. (we might even join you for one.)

is everything sterile?




we take pride in keeping our practice and environment clean because we want you to feel as safe as possible. all of our needles and tubes are pre sterilized. we seal all equipment in barriers, and toss anything disposable immediately after each tattoo.


how long will my tattoo take to heal?


about 2 weeks.


keep in mind that healing time can vary a lot from person to person, but 2 weeks is a good rule of thumb.


hey, is there a wicked cool barcade right next door to blueprint?



we're so glad you asked!

we happen to share a wall with the quarters, a very cool spot with vintage arcade games, tasty food, and a full bar. 

you know that drink we mentioned? yeah.