tim brewer

I have over 24 years as a successful tattoo artist. In 1999, I co-created Pulse International, a tattoo supply company, out of a desire to improve the tools of the trade and the experience of fellow artists. Together, Brett Bryan and I built the business from the seed of an idea to a flourishing leader in the industry. At Pulse, I created not only prototypes for better machines, but reinvented the way artists work on and with those very machines. In doing so, I’ve built a reputation for innovation and generosity within the community.

 Whether making machines to improve the efficiency and ergonomics of the art of tattooing, or creating original designs and tableaux to clients’ specific aesthetic choices, my heart is in everything I do. 

I would like to thank Brett Bryan, Rob Matfess, and everyone else who worked at my former shop, Body Graphics. I'd also like to thank Paul Musso from the bottom of my heart for showing me the way into the tattoo field. You have changed my life. 

And last but definitely not least, my family, friends, and of course all of you clients out there. THANK YOU!





brian gilley

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